“OUT OF THE BREEDING PITS” Now on Comixology




SPACE 2014 Specials

SPACE in Columbus, OH is fast approaching!
SPACE 2014 special pricing – in person only!
Comics and coloring books: $3 each – buy both together for $5.
Poster: $15 each (limited supply)
The BEATING STORIES Bundle (pictured): the comic, the coloring book, and the poster – all for only $20 (Saturday and Sunday, while they last).


A Little Something On The Side: SEAS OF CHAOS

Bill and Tom of Bored in the Basement are fundraising for their new tabletop game, SEAS OF CHAOS, and they’ve asked me to illustrate the whole thing! If you like what you’ve seen here with  Feral Boy and Gilgamesh, please consider pitching in on this project. Thanks for your continued support!

SEAS OF CHAOS Kickstarter

Artwork Appearing In The Go Team Venture! Show

Feral Boy & Gilgamesh: The Graphic Novel, Page 13


Feral Boy & Gilgamesh: The Graphic Novel, Page 12